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Quote of the Day 12/6/11

“Not only will you die, but the sun will eventually burn out, thus destroying any legacy that you left behind, and any “point” that there was to your life whatsoever. “

Don’t get so worked up about ‘meaning’ in your life. There is no meaning beyond personal meaning. The things you do won’t matter in the long run. A ‘great’ man may change some laws, or invent some cure, and his legend and the usefulness of what he did may last for 1000 years, but there will come a day when no one remembers him, or when the thing he did is no longer needed, or when the sun goes dim and everything ends. The only purpose I can see life having is character development and spiritual development and only on the basis that life continues after the body dies.

I figure it this way, either one of a few things happens. A: You go to a place to be for eternity, Heaven, Hell, The Summer Land, Valhalla and what not. B: Reincarnation. C: Nothing happens. Or D: Something entirely different happens.

If A happens then what you do in life and who your are is important and you should live by the rules of your cultures particular religion. If B happens then your character definitely matters as how your character and spirit evolves in this life will determine what you become in the next. If C happens then it doesn matter anyway and you should do whatever the hell you want. If D happens then I’d like to think that your mind and character are i,mportant as they are the only things that could possibly go with you.

Money can’t go, no cars and clothes. Skills, personality, spiritual wisdom, and memories are about the only thing I can see surviving ‘death’ as we currently understand it. Therefore, no matter what happens in life, the development of my character, mental/ emotional/ intuitive faculties, and the cultivation of my Will must be paramout.

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