My name is Bryan and I love to travel. Out of all possible human activities, travel is the one I like best. Therefore, my priorities in life are geared towards acquiring and maintaining the freedom that makes long term travel possible. This may mean traveling cheap, saving money, learning new skills, improvising. This blog will be used to chronicle my travels as well as my methods and the skills and techniques I learn along the way to make it all possible.

I also love philosophy. I genuinely enjoy learning about the thoughts and opinions of other peoples and cultures, which is why I travel. Philosophy is what makes everything happen. No matter what a man does there is one helm which he obeys and that helm is his mind. If you can peer into his thoughts you can see into his very should and learn what makes him do the things he does. Understand your thoughts and you can understand your actions, change your thoughts and you can change your life.

During your perusal of my other pages and posts you have no doubt read what is only a fraction of my vagabonding adventures. I have many friends who would think to embark on a journey of their own, but they feel that they cannot and they have elevated me and my travels on a pedestal. I say the only difference between they and I lay in the realm of thought; our philosophies are different and our world views guide us to different places.

Motivational speaker Anthony Robbins says, “Change your Physiology, change your life.”

I say, “Change your Philosophy, change your life.”

To change your physiology, you have to change your mindset to to something empowering. It all starts here, in the mind. What kind of person are you? And what kind of person whould you like to be? Did you know that the word person comes from the Latin ‘persona?’ Per- ‘through.’ -Sona ‘sound.’ It refers to the megaphoned masks worn by the Greco/ Roman actors. The megaphoned mask was worn to amplify their voices in an open air theater and the dramatis persona refers to the list of ‘masks’ to be worn.

A ‘person,’ a persona, wears many masks in life and they all have a philosophy behind them. I have family members who are Realists, but they don’t know what a Realist is so they aren’t very good ones. If they’d crack open a book by Plato, they could gain insight into thoughts and ideas that they resonate with and they could become more evolved versions of what they already are.

So I challenge you to ask yourself what thoughts and philosophies guide your actions and thus your life. “How we spend our days, is how we spend our lives.”

Under the heading of philosophy at the top of the page you’ll find a drop down list that links to various pages expressing my philosophical interests and ideas; I’d love for you to read them and chime in.

Bear in mind that under no circumstances do I seek to convert anyone to a way of thinking. Philosophy is entertaining for me kind of like music, there is no purpose for the music except the music; likewise there is no purpose for the conversation but the conversation itself and the best conversations are had over the most controversial issues and that’s what makes a conversation worth having. So provided we can all be civil about our discussions, I think we can have great fun.

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